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Poster: Vance Capley Date: Nov 29, 2011 7:13pm
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: I've posted this in "movies" as well, any help would be appreciated...

Hi gang,
I've tried various routes to upload my latest videos and nothing is working. It must be a technical fault on my end somewhere because no ones else has posted experiencing this problem. When I start to upload a video I get this warning in a pink box... SPOOK SHOW 16 TEA LEAVES AND EVEL complete.wmv
Server (IO) Error....That last part (Server (IO) Error) is the repeated message. I've uploaded videos in the past with little to no problems. That's 15 episodes of Spook Show and a few other goodies as well. I know it works. I need to know if any other up-loaders have experienced similar problems with their video uploads and what they did about it...
I've tried Internet Explorer and Firefox, with the same results
I've used smaller files and still the same pink box (Server (IO) Error)
I've tried movies that lasted only a few seconds...still the same...(Server (IO) Error)

I have completed episodes 16-19 and I would like to post them

ANY info would be helpful

Vance Capley